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The Ndu council is made up of several services, with each have their different roles to play  to make sure the municipality functions correctly. 

Civil Status Service

In every Council, the Civil Status service is the most sensitive office. This is because it deals with documents that have to do with people’s life. We produce documents such as birth certificates both old and new births, marriage Certificates, death Certificates, single status or Certificate of celebrity, on- opposition, Authenticity and Certification.

Technical Service

This service is in charge of bringing the physical development of the Municpality, such as infrastructure, planning, road networks, creation of farm to market road. 1. Supervise all council projects around the municipality 2. Takes part in the controlling and distribution of water 3. Supervise plumbers/Carpenters who work for the council 4. They are also in charge of dis-enclaving, enclave zones. It is also involve in the protection of Council property.

Hygiene and Sanitation

The hygiene and sanitation service ensures the cleanliness and community works in Ndu town, hold statutory meetings (3 times/ yr), advice and supports environmental activities in the council (forestation, watershed protection), and organizes clean up campaigns.

Economy & Finance Service

The finance service is the reference center of income/expenditure in the council. Thus it is the power of statistics in the Council. They are in charge of taking down statistics of all the financial transactions in the council. Keeping track on the income, and how this income has been spent. They are in charge of presenting detailed financial records to the council heads within a stated period of time.

General Affairs

The general affairs office of the Ndu Council works in different ways. This servicet works directly with the Secretary General, in administrative duties and other assigned tasks. They are also involved in drafting all administrative documents and letters for typing by the council typist. They assist other departments in carrying out some task when they need assistance.

Communication Service

The communication service has a public relation officer who is one of the most relevant departments in the council. His main role is to develop and deliver effective and professional communication and public relations engagement strategies for the Council. Identify media opportunities write media releases and work with the Mayor to respond to media enquiries. The communication department sells the image of the council.

Social & Cultural Service

The social and cultural service is in charge of analyzing and monitoring the implementation of policy's on culture, sports, youth and popular education, employment and work, vocational training, health, safety and social assistance.

Taxation Service

One of the main roles of a tax clerk is to carry out assessment on various taxable goods. After identification of such businesses within their sphere of jurisdiction and in accordance with the rules and regulation put in force by the government. During assessment, taxable components are assessed according to their categories, nature of the goods, size of the shop, annual turnover of the business, location of the business that is in town, villages, or in suburbs.

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Ndu Sub Division was created by presidential decree No. 93/322 of 25/11/1993.

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