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There are three mean types of religious practices in the communities: Christian, Islam and traditional religion. Christianity and Islam were introduced to the people after their settlement in the area. The importance of each religion in the area seems to be related to how early it was introduced to the people.

Christianity is the most widely practised religion of the area. It is believed to have been introduced by the English during the colonial era. The main Christian denominations that exist in the area now include the Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Full Gospel and Apostolic Churches. The Baptist Church, which was the first Christian denomination to be introduced here, is the most popular and has at least a congregation in each of the 17 villages of the council area. The Catholic and the Presbyterian churches, which came into the area a little later, have conquered much ground within the last two decades. Charismatic Christian groups are still very new in the community, and have very few adherents.

 It is told in the area that Islam was introduced by traders from the North of Cameroon. It is common in Ntumbaw and parts of Ndu and Sop villages. The largest mosques (an indication of the largest Muslim communities) are found at Ntumbaw and Ndu.

The most common form of tradition religion in the area is ancestral worship. In most palaces, there are shrines where traditional rights are performed in honour of the ancestors of the villages. Such shrines even exist in some individual compounds, where family members are expected to conduct sacrificial rites supposedly in order to appease and receive the blessings of their ancestors. In some of these shrines are found stone gods called ‘Mbuh’ which are believed to    protect family members in reward of the sacrificial rites performed. It is worth noting that many people of the area practise this traditional religion and Christianity or Islam simultaneously

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Ndu Sub Division was created by presidential decree No. 93/322 of 25/11/1993.

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