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Talla: (or Tala) is attached to the Donga-Mantung division , in the North-West region. Talla is located in the center of the commune of Ndu, 5 kilometers north of the village of Ndu between the villages of Jirt, Mbiyeh and Mbah. The people of Talla are part of the Tang chiefdom. Arriving from Kimi, the Tang (or Witang) people settled in Mbajeng where two groups emerged, the “Nkum” and the “Nyar”. The village of Talla has a protected area, the community forest of Mbibi.  The village of Talla has several primary schools including: CBC Mbiyeh, GS Kuma Talla, GS Shuashua, GS Talla 12 . There is also a secondary education institution, the GSS Talla. Talla includes a health center, Kuma Talla Health Post.


Ngarum: Is also the seat of a traditional chiefdom of 2nd. The people of Ngarum are part of the Tang chieftaincy. Ngarum has several primary schools including CBC Ngarum, CS Ngarum, GS Ngarum I and GS Ngarum II  . There are also two secondary schools St. John Bosco CSS Ngarum and F Farm School. Ngarum includes one health centre, the Ngarum Catholic Health Post. Ngarum is connected to Ntundip by rural road.

Taku: Is located west of Ndu commune, adjacent to the villages of Ngarum , Ntundip , Bakfu, Ntunta, Bufku and Luh. In 1970, the village had 2,239 inhabitants. Taku comprised 6 neighborhoods: Mbeng, Mbukop, Nkfunyah, Nsarung, Ntaw and Tamba. The village of Taku has several primary schools including: CBC Taku, GS Fukop, GS Mbeng-Taku, GS Mbukop-Taku. There is also a secondary school, the GSS Taku. Taku includes a care center, the IHC Taku.

Njundip: Is located in between the villages of Luh , Bukfu, Taku, Ntunta, Bakfu and Ngarum . The Mbim River has its source in Neh, in the commune of Bui before crossing Ntundip. The village has 3 primary schools, CS Ntundip, GS Ntundip and GS Ntunge. In 2011, the village did not have access to electricity.

Luh: Is located between the villages of Bukfu and Ntundip, The village has 5 primary schools, CBC Mbunkfu, CS Luh, CS Mboyah, GS LUH, GS Mboyah and IPS Mboyah. There is also a secondary education institution, the GTC Luh. Luh includes a care center, the Luh IHC

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Ndu Sub Division was created by presidential decree No. 93/322 of 25/11/1993.

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