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Water & Energy

Water and energy is a problem in our village but we have a couple of projects that will help rehabilitate this areas of difficulty.

The Water and Energy Projects include

  1. The rehabilitation and construction of the Mbiyeh water supply scheme
  2. The reinforcement of the Ndu Urban water supply scheme by constructing a 100m3 tank and installation of a water pump
  3. The installation of solar street lamps in the Ndu Municipality
  4. The construction OF WATER Catchment at KOYE, A 20,000, LITRES TANK, and extension to all three quarters in Rong
  5. The rehabilitation of Limnyam catchment, construction of a 20000 liters tank,05 stand taps and the extension of water to the people’s palace sinna,GS Sinna, old market Mbartu) CBC lab post and CBC church
  6. The extension of electricity supply from Ndu to Ngarum II
  7. Upgrade of the existing electricity scheme by installing a 3 phase transformer, 02 25 KVA transformers, and extension of hydroelectric power to supply  Bondzi, Tukop, Mbadoh, Mbatu, Tamba, Njidoh and Botangyi quarters
  8. Step down of electricity from the average tension line at the Sehn Market  Square and extension to Njingang, Bondzi, Upper Ngulu, Lower Ngulu, Nkar,  Ntoh to Nkar, Njitang, Njiri, New Lay Out, Kombfur, Kuwah Sehn, Kudoh, and Mankeng
  9. The installation of a 5MW Solar Project in Ndu
  10. The construction of three water catchments (Nfunya, Mboku, and Tombvu), construction of a 20000 L tank per catchment area, construction of 7 stand taps and extension of water to Nfunya, Tangang, Boyungong, Ntasing, Mbeng sub palace, Mbanyeh and Mbukop
  11. The construction of a 30.000 litres water tank and extension to quarters in Mbah
  12. The construction of a water intake at the catchment ‚tank (30….) in Njimsang and extension of water to all quarters
  13. The construction of an intake at the catchment at Mbasang with 15 stand taps, a 50000L tank and the extension of water to Ntamru market square
  14. The electrification of Njimnkang village by extension of hydroelectricity from Ndu
  15. The extension of electricity from three phase transformer at Ntumbaw to Ngulu Fon’s  palace  and  to the quarters distance of 5km
  16. The extension of Electricity supply from Wowo to Mangu village, by installing a 2KW transformer to power a 12Km medium and low tension line

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