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Sehn is located between the villages of Manntumbo, Samsi and Ntumbaw. The village includes a primary school, the GS Sehn. Sehn road is connected to Ndu, Njilah , Wowo and Ntumbaw.

Ntumbaw (or Ntumbo) is part, with the villages of Rong and Sop, of the Warr chiefdom. The village has 7 primary schools, CBC Ntumbaw, CS Ntumbaw, GS Ngarboh I, GS Ngarboh II, GS Ntumbaw, IPS Ntumbaw, and OKK Ntumbaw. There are also two secondary schools, Islamic SS Ntumbaw and GHS Ntumbaw. Ntumbaw includes a care centre, the Ntumbaw IHC. Ntumbaw road is linked to the villages of Kakar, Mbandung, Sop and Ntaba by a rural road. A second route passes through the villages of Ndu, Njilah, Wowo and Sehn. Ntumbaw is also connected to Njirong, Ngarbar, Mbawrong, Ngfu and Sinna.

Njirong (or Rong) is divided into two parts: the upper Rong (where the Fon Palace is located) and the lower Rong known as Mbawrong. The village has 3 primary schools, GS Shokop, GS Rong and GS Mbawrong. A rural road connects Ntumbaw, Njirong, Ngarbar and Ntaba. Njirong is also accessible from the Adamaoua and western regions via the Foumban-Magbwa-Mbankim Trans-African Highway.

Sinna: The people of Sinna are part of the Tang chiefdom. Arriving from Kimi, the Tang (or Witang) people settled in Mbajeng where two groups emerged, the “Nkum” and the “Nyar”. The village has 3 schools, CBC Sinna, GS Mbagoh and GS Sinna.

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Ndu Sub Division was created by presidential decree No. 93/322 of 25/11/1993.

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