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Agriculture & Livestock

All what we eat comes from the farm and so we are not letting our guards down. We are doing everything possible to keep our agricultural sector growing.

Agricultural Projects: 
  1. Construction of warehouse for storage of rice and corn in Mbawrong
  2. Opening and grading of a 02 km road from Luh through Mansa to River Mbi with 01 bridge and 02 culverts.
  3. Opening and grading of a 1km  road from Toplah passing through Njitang to the old market with 01 bridge
  4. Opening and grading of a 3km road from Ngang junction passing through CBC Church to Njirah with one bridge and 03culverts
  5. Construction of road from Sinna to Mbagoh ( 6km , 4 culverts).
  6. Opening up of a 3km road from Tangang market passing through Njitung to River Mbii with two culverts and one bridge
  7. Opening and Grading of a 10km roads from Mbawngong  through Mangi  to Mbokop Ntayi and to Njimnjong with 3 culverts

Livestock projects 

  1. Construction of a ruminant market in NDU Market
  2. Construction of Two Meat sale Slaps at NDU and Ntumbaw
  3. Construction of an Artificial Insemination Crush at NTUMBAW

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Ndu Sub Division was created by presidential decree No. 93/322 of 25/11/1993.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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