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Brief History of Ndu

Ndu is a town and commune in Donga-Mantung, a division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It lies at the northeast edge of the Bamenda Grassfields, on the eastern arc of the Ring Road. It is the highest elevation town in Cameroon.

Ndu Sub Division was created by presidential decree No. 93/322 of 25/11/1993. It is one of the five subdivisions that make up Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region.  It is made of 17 different villages which are grouped into three different zones; That is, The centre zone with five villages (Ndu, Mbipgo, Njimnkang, Njilah and Wowo), the west zone with five villages (Talla, Ngarum, Taku, Ntundip, and Luh), and the east zone with seven villages (Sehn, Ntumbaw, Njirong, Ngulu, Nseh Makop, Sinna and Sop).

The principal ethnic group in the village is the Wimbum whose ancestors hailed from Tikari in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon.


See some of our developments

For over the years, since the creation and legalisation of the Ndu town
We have been doing everything in our power to properly develop the town


Building drainage gutters

When it rains, the heavy rains destroy the roads making movement difficult. We have built bigger gutters around the town to help direct rain water.


Water Installation

Most villages have a lot of portable water problems. But because we care about our community, we have installed different water tanks to provide good water for our people.


Road Construction

Some years ago we had a lot of difficulties moving from one place to another, one village to another. So we have built roads that help ease movements within the community.


Installing Solar Panels

Given the fact that there has been alot of power shortage in Ndu, we decided to install solar panels on the streets to make sure that no matter what, the streets will have light in the night. It is a way to equally keep security.

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Ndu Sub Division was created by presidential decree No. 93/322 of 25/11/1993.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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