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Youth and Civic Education 

There exist non equipped centres for the promotion of youth activities as well as a functional adult school in the village set up though not still under youth affairs. Youths in the Ndu municipality have benefitted financial support from the government to operate livestock and agricultural activities. The support program National Civic Service for Participation in Development (NCSNPT), made at the disposal financial support to ten youths in 2012, twenty youths in 2014, 25 youths in 2016 and the refinancing of 5 youths out of the 25 in 2015 as a result of their good works as indicated in visit/follow-up.  Youths in the area are also active in the Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC) with a great representation. At the level of social affairs sector, youths have benefitted from free holiday trainings. Every year from 2015, conscripts youths age 17-21years of good moral backgrounds from various schools are sent to Bamenda for training in areas such as ICT, First AID, environmental protection and civic education. In 2015, 21 youths benefitted, in 2016 13 youths benefitted making a total of 34 youth’s beneficiaries so far.

The main problem of this sector is the lack of a multipurpose youth empowerment centre, an office infrastructure and the means of transportation. Therefore their main priority is the construction of a youth multipurpose empowerment centre and the construction of an office structure.

Social Affairs

The social affairs sector works mostly with the disabled and aged persons who are the vulnerable persons in the municipality while the Mbororos are the marginalized group in the society. The disabled persons; over 200 of them receive support through school fees exemption with the help of the social sector.  Most public buildings and offices such as the Sub Delegation of social affairs are not accessible to persons with  disabilities though some public buildings such as GBHS Ndu have ramps making accessibility easy. However this sector faces some challenges such as inaccessibility of public buildings and offices, no means of movement by the sector as well as insufficient staff at the sector office. There is the existence of many groups of disabled persons in communities such as Ndangong in Talla, Solidarity in Ndu, Ntumbaw, Sop, Ntaba, Wowo and Ntundip.  The aim of these groups is to discuss their difficulties, solutions and operate a mutual assistance savings scheme (“njangi”).

There is a Social Affairs Centre through which the Government has been providing minimum support to the needy in the society such as orphans.  They cater for all social problems within the community and endeavour to redress social ills. 

Sports and Physical Education(63)

Few infrastructures for sports and physical education exist in the Ndu municipality but are not up to standard. Football and handball pitches exist in 41 communities as well as a volley ball pitch in the seminary and a basketball pitch at JMBC Ndu. Some few sports association exists such as the veteran clubs for keep fit and the dynamic athletic club which incorporates civilian sports and trainings for mount Cameroon race of hope. Different sporting events in the municipality include Football, Handball, Volleyball and basketball with the most common being Handball and Football sports. Moreover, holiday championships are always being organized by donors like the Renaissance Football Tournament of 2016. Apart from the existence of football pitches in all communities (except Njirong), most of the other sport training centres in Ndu municipality are less developed or inexistent

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Ndu Sub Division was created by presidential decree No. 93/322 of 25/11/1993.

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