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Commerce (market)

Commerce (market)

There is one district market within the municipality, the Ndu market, which operates every eight days. The market facilities are very poor and the structures are mostly temporary. Inhabitants from all over the municipality meet to sell their produce and buy other basic necessities. Other markets exist in almost all the villages of the hinterland; the remarkable being those of  Ntamru, Ntumbaw, Ntaba, Mbongong and Ntisaw markets…etc                                             

The major products that attract buyers and other traders from outside the municipality to the main market are coffee, beans and maize. It is the main source of the income for most households. The peasant farmers sell their crops and in turn buy manufactured goods brought in from the major towns like Bamenda. Farmers here often sell their crops at give-away prices to meet up with their numerous commitments, especially the “njangis”, which is a micro-finance association of thrift and loan.

Apart from the sale of maize, coffee and beans, other farm produce like plantain, cocoyams, banana, cassava, irish and sweet potatoes are sold to middlemen from out of town. A few wholesalers buy products from the larger towns and sell them in markets in the hinterland.

The sale of animals especially pigs and goats, is also significant. Some of these bought are tender because the people buy them for some future event. While most of the animals are mature and sold directly to either middlemen or used for dowries and dead celebrations or even feast days like Christmas Days.

On market days, hawkers, truck pushers etc. move from door-to-door in neighborhoods around the market square, retailing goods. Distant and hinterland residents therefore come to the market square in order to buy or sell goods.

Palm and raffia wine are sold in great quantities on a daily basis. Most of it is bought and retailed in Ndu town by the middlemen where the demands and prices are high.

Licensed agents buy coffee to supply to companies for processing.

Markets and storage structures

The major markets within the municipality are: Ndu, Ntumbaw and Ntaba markets. The major storage facilities are the cooperative houses where coffee is kept before being sold. There are two of such structures in the municipality

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Ndu Sub Division was created by presidential decree No. 93/322 of 25/11/1993.

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