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Mayor Makes a Big Announcement

Mayor Makes a Big Announcement

*Ndu Mayor Makes Big Announcements*In an interview granted to the Ndu Community Radio recently, the Lord Mayor for Ndu Council, Abdou Borno Kanfon said his recent hunting expedition to Yaounde yielded very healthy fruits. He secured fundings from the Council Support Fund For Mutual Assistance (FEICOM) to provide eighty solar panels to electrify the streets of Ndu town, to fence the new Council Chambers and Hall under construction, to equip the Council Chambers upon completion and to purchase a service car for the Ndu Council.

He also made public that funding for the clearing of tarred road sides in the municipality have been secured from MINTP.In this radio outing, the Lord Mayor equally addressed wide range of issues affecting his Municipality.He touched on insecurity, uncivil behavior of some denizens towards public goods, the disturbing rate of cow theft in Ndu (announcing an impending meeting with stakeholders to discuss the problem), the need to respect Council procedures to connect pipe born water, the necessity to collaborate with established institutions in the face of whatever difficulty to name but these.

The Lord Mayor was very emphatic that lockdowns like ghost towns syphons only the account of the common man, therefore a very ineffective and counterproductive strategy whatever the motives of the perpetrators might be. He hailed the population for their resilience, encouraged everyone to continue to be law abiding, to shun evil and to work for common good. Ndu, the Lord Mayor concluded, is our precious heritage; it can only become what we choose to make of it.

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